Breeders Of Distinction

The Newfoundland Club of America believes in honoring responsible breeders who have gone above and beyond on health issues, temperament, and genetic screening, as well as to the individual care and placement of puppies in responsible homes. The NCA Breeder of Distinction Program recognizes those breeders who are dedicated to preserving breed characteristics and producing healthy, well-socialized Newfoundlands. We consider them the most conscientious and most committed breeders.


Criteria to be listed as a Breeder of Distinction:

  • Must have been a member in good standing of the Newfoundland Club of America, Inc. for five consecutive years.
  • Must have no grievances or complaints, which the Board or Arbitration Committee has found to have a basis in fact and are unresolved. NCA members and non‐members may file complaints, only NCA members may file formal grievances.
  • Must always use a written Agreement/Contract in all Newfoundland transactions.
  • Must have bred two (2) Newfoundland litters while a member of the NCA, Litters and co‐owned litters must have been "whelped" and raised on applicant’s premises.
  • Must have bred an AKC or CKC Champion Newfoundland. A copy of the Certificate of Title must be attached if not previously submitted or listed in the NCA Database.
  • Must have one sponsor, who is a current Breeder of Distinction.
  • The NCA expects its members to make a life‐long commitment to every Newfoundland they produce and to cooperate in the rescue of any Newfoundland dogs they produce.
  • The NCA recommends that every Breeder of Distinction be a member of an NCA regional club. If the member does not live in the United States, he or she should be a member of their national or regional club in the country in which they live.
  • The NCA recommends that every Breeder of Distinction be either a Newfoundland Ambassador (providing public education) and/or a Breeder Mentor (providing education to prospective breeders) if they meet those qualifications.
  • Attest to the truthfulness of the information provided herein and authorizes the Newfoundland Club of America to verify said information.
  • Acknowledges that inclusion Breeders of Distinction Program is a privilege, not a right of membership. Removal from the Breeder of Distinction Program is subject to the Club’s Arbitration process. Breeders will be removed from the program after due process should there be a complaint left outstanding against them as determined by the Arbitration process until resolved and will be removed permanently if there has been a total of three (3) complaints lodged which were found against them even if resolved.